Why use the services of A. MARTEAU TRADUCTION?

By choosing to trust A. MARTEAU TRADUCTION, you get the guarantee of a quality, meticulous and professional job carried out by a qualified, competent and experienced translator, approved by her clients for the quality of her work and for her availability, reactivity and professionalism.

At the same time, you choose to trust a French company, registered and located in France.

Why use the services of a professional translator?

A company’s communication must be professional and does not leave any room for guesswork, because it reflects the company’s seriousness and professionalism, its brand image. This applies to both national and international communication. By entrusting your translations to a professional who masters all the subtleties of the source and target language, you can be sure that your international communication will have as much impact as your national communication.

Free online translation, for example with Google Translation, can sometimes help you understand the main lines of a text, but can be disastrous for the corporate image if used for the company’s website, documentation, products and advertising.

How to find and choose a professional translator?

All kinds of directories of companies and professionals are available to help you find a translator, but most of them only provide a minimum of information.

To find a reliable and serious professional and be able to choose according to your needs and the specificities of the text to be translated, it is better to consult the specialized directory of the Société Française des Traducteurs (available on  In this directory, you will find a large number of professionals working in France, each offering a fact sheet with their degrees, experience, language combinations, fields of specialisation and, if applicable, expert title.

Be careful with other free online directories, which often offer to call an overtaxed telephone number and do not systematically put you in direct contact with the professional.

How to find and choose a Court certified translator for your sworn translations?

Each Court of Appeal in France has its own list of sworn Experts. The Court of Cassation has its own list. All these lists are available at your town hall and on the websites of the Court of Cassation and the Courts of Appeal.
Another directory giving more details and easier to use is available on the website of the Société Française des Traducteurs, where you can simply search by entering the language(s), the word “expert” and, if necessary, the region, city, speciality, etc. This directory will only suggest qualified and legally registered professionals.

A translator on the national Court lists of experts may be a professional and registered translator or a person having another profession and carrying out his/her expert missions alongside his/her main profession.

If you are looking for quality and availability, of course, the best choice will be the professional expert, who is a professional and trained translator or interpreter and who has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to do this work.

How to get a quote?

You can ask for a quote on the Contact page, where you can fill out the contact form or contact us directly by email.

To establish a quote for a translation, we need to see the text you wish to have translated in order to evaluate its difficulty, its specific features and its volume. You may send it by email or by post.

You will receive your quote the same day or at the latest within 24 hours.

If you approve the conditions given in the quote, you can confirm your order by signing the quote. In some specific circumstances, for instance if it is your first order or if you order a certified translation, a payment in advance may be requested.

Do you invoice with or without VAT?

The company is liable for payment of VAT in France and invoices all its services with VAT at the current rate (20% at this time).

For clients established in another European Union member state and having a European VAT number, the company invoices its services without VAT, in accordance with European rules.

What kind of documents do I have to supply to get a translation?

Translators generally prefer to work with Word files, a highly compatible file format accepted on any computer equipment. If you don’t have any Word file of your document, you may provide an Excel, Pdf or image file, even though these formats may cause some extra work, especially if they need to be converted.

Original paper documents need to be provided if you order a certified or sworn translation of an original document.

How to proceed to get my website translated?

Translation of websites is one of the services offered. To get a quote, the easiest, fastest and most efficient method is to provide your texts in Word or Excel format. Your website builder will be able to extract these for you if you ask him.

Other file types are accepted as well: rtf, pdf, ppt, html, xhtml, xml, sgml, svg, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, AutoCAD, etc.

If you have no way to obtain such files, the translation volume will be counted with our dedicated text extraction software, which will perform a rough count of the full content of your website.

Who will carry out my translation?

Depending on your needs and the characteristics of the text to be translated, your translation order will be carried out by Anna MARTEAU, experienced translator specialised in many fields (see page Areas of Expertise) if she is available and qualified for this job. If your order does not match with her language combinations or fields, she will put you in touch with a colleague with the appropriate skills and experience.

For multilingual projects, she always works with native speakers, building a team of professional translators specialised and competent in the relevant field.