Interpreting services

Consecutive interpreting & telephone interpreting

Whether you are about to contact a foreign supplier, receive a foreign delegation or customer, organise a visit by a foreign subsidiary or the head office, bring in a team of technicians from abroad or have a site meeting with a property owner who doesn’t speak your language, you need a reliable interpreter.
Whatever your need, consecutive interpreting at your premises or elsewhere, in the Vendée or any nearby area, or telephone interpreting, you can trust Anna Marteau to provide quality services.

She has been a translator and interpreter since 1992, fully mastering interpretation between Dutch, her mother tongue, and French, her second active language, which now she masters to mother-tongue standard thanks to high-level language studies (Master’s Degree), more than twenty-seven years of professional experience and an even longer well-integrated life in France, and English, her third language, for which she holds a Bachelor’s Degree.

All missions you will entrust her with will be carefully prepared with the documents you will be able to provide and with her own extensive terminology database, built up after many years of translating and interpreting.

Legal interpreter

If you have the project to sign a contract, buy or sell a property, sign a notarized deed or any other formality or ceremony requiring the assistance of an interpreter qualified in legal matters and other specific areas, you are at the right place as well.

(see Areas of Experience)

Situations where you may need an interpreter
  • Business meetings, business lunches
  • Building site meetings, visits, acceptance of works
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Company visits
  • Technical intervention by a non-French speaking technician
  • International trade and exchange events
  • Real estate sale or purchase signings, notarized deeds, testaments
  • Telephone calls to or from foreign customers, suppliers, partners
  • Contacting a supplier abroad for inquiries or orders
  • Negotiations with a customer or supplier abroad
  • Etc.

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Areas of Experience

Legal - 28 years
Computer science - 27 years
Technical - 28 years
Accounting Finance - 14 years
Insurance - 17 years
Shipbuilding - 28 years
Building - 26 years
Gastronomy - 24 years
Oenology - 10 years
Tourism and Recreation - 28 years


Guaranteed and certified quality. Fully professional, thorough and rigorous work, with a continual priority of consistency with the client’s existing terminology and with the terminology of the relevant industry or country…

Knowledge and know-how acquired through 5 years of foreign language studies and by working on a great number of translation projects. A know-how that is still growing with each new project…

More than 28 years experience. Created in 1992 in the Vendée, France, the company built itself a position on the translation market by providing its services to a wide local, national and foreign clientele…

Four languages, Dutch, English, German and French, available to welcome, help and serve clients.

Three languages, Dutch, English and French, available for translation and interpretation services.

All e-mail inquiries and requests submitted during office hours receive a reply within one hour. Requests for quotes are answered the same day or at the latest within 24 hours if the request is sent at the end of the day.

In accordance with the Code of Ethics of translators and interpreters, who are bound by professional secrecy, all the documents and data submitted by clients are always kept strictly confidential, without exception.