Born and raised in Holland and passionate about French, Anna MARTEAU is firmly established in France since the end of her studies. She studied foreign languages at the University in Holland, achieving the equivalent of a Master’s degree in French and a Bachelor’s degree in English.
She set up her company in 1992, first as a multilingual translation company named “Ouest Traductions” and ten years later under its new and current name, “A. MARTEAU TRADUCTION” with a new business strategy to fully use her professional know-how and concentrate on her own languages, French, English and Dutch. Since 1992, she has built up a broad customer base by providing her language services to local, French and foreign clients, ranging from large industrial companies, builders and craft firms to banks, public institutions, international bodies, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and private individuals, as well as to a selection of internationally renowned translation agencies. Her sound experience, qualifications and references are the best guarantees of the quality of her work. On this website you can find out about the range of services provided and check whether they meet with your needs.


With over 30 years of experience as a translator, Anna Marteau is qualified to guarantee a high-quality job, carried out with great care and efficiency, delivered on time and with full respect for professional ethics, including her duty of professional secrecy. Specialized in the translation of texts of any type in several specific areas, Anna Marteau only translates into Dutch, her mother tongue, and into French, her second active language, which she now masters like her mother tongue thanks to high level language studies, more than 30 years of professional experience and an even longer well-integrated life in France. For translations from French into English, she generally calls upon a team of similarly qualified, experienced and native English colleagues.

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Reliable company, established since 1992
  • Dutch mother tongue
  • French like a second mother tongue
  • Efficiency and professional quality
  • Confidentiality and Protection of personal data

Areas of expertise

Legal - 31 years
Computer science - 29 years
Technical - 31 years
Accounting Finance - 16 years
Insurance - 19 years
Shipbuilding - 31 years
Building - 28 years
Gastronomy - 26 years
Oenology - 12 years
Tourism and Recreation - 31 years


Société Française des Traducteurs

Member of the SFT

Société Française des Traducteurs

Member of the “Société Française des Traducteurs” in Paris since 1992 (French Professional Translators’ Union).

Guarantee of professionalism, only officially registered and sufficiently qualified professionals are accepted as members.


Member of UNETICA

National Union of sworn Translators and Interpreters appointed by the French Courts of Appeal
Court of Appeal of Poitiers

Court certified translator

appointed by the Court of Appeal of Poitiers

Court certified translator since 1992: Dutch, English and French.

Sworn translator.


Guaranteed and certified quality. Fully professional, thorough and rigorous work, with a continual priority of consistency with the client’s existing terminology and with the terminology of the relevant industry or country…

Knowledge and know-how acquired through 5 years of foreign language studies and by working on a great number of translation projects. A know-how that is still growing with each new project…

More than 30 years of experience. Created in 1992 in the Vendée in France. The company built itself a position on the translation market by providing its services to a wide local, national and foreign clientele…

Four languages available, Dutch, English, German and French, to welcome, help and serve clients.

Three languages, Dutch, English and French, available for your translations and other language services…

All e-mail inquiries and requests submitted during office hours receive a reply within one hour. Requests for quotes are answered the same day or at the latest within 24 hours if the request is sent at the end of the day.

In accordance with the Code of Ethics of translators and interpreters, who are bound by professional secrecy, all the documents and data submitted by clients are always kept strictly confidential, without exception.