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Specialised in a number of specific fields listed on the Areas of expertise page, Anna Marteau delivers translations of outstanding quality of any type of document written in English, Dutch or French. She only translates into her mother tongue, Dutch, and into her second active language, French, which she now masters like her mother tongue thanks to her high-level language studies, more than 29 years of professional experience and an even longer well-integrated life in France.

Translations into English are carried out in cooperation with a team of external and independent translators, only translating into their mother tongue.

Type of documents translated

Translation of any text supplied by the client on paper or on a digital medium, sent by post, fax or e-mail.
To get an idea of the costs before ordering, just send your documents that need to be translated, stating any particular requirements and of course your details, by e-mail or on the Contact page, and you will receive a personalised quote.

A wide range of exploitable file formats is accepted and the original page layout will be replicated where possible using efficient and dedicated computer equipment and software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordperfect, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, AutoCAD, rtf, pdf, html, xhtml, xml, sgml, svg, etc.

Areas of expertise: see the list on the right or go to the Areas of expertise page for full details.

Translation Localisation

In this digital era your clients and prospects expect your products and services to be presented and described in their own language or at least in a language they understand. It has become vital for the competitiveness of your products and services.

In this context it may be necessary to adapt the content of your website, software or commercial or technical documents to the specific language, culture and techniques of the target countries.

This is known as localisation.

Translation is one of the stages of this process, contributing to giving the impression that the web site, software or document was written specifically for the target market.

  • websites (files: text, excel, word, etc.)
  • wordpress sites (WPML or received file)
  • software
  • video games
  • specification sheets
  • technical manuals
  • product catalogues
  • marketing brochures
  • other commercial documents

Whatever your localisation needs may be, if you want quality results, call Anna Marteau. She has the skills, know-how, equipment and tools that are needed to meet your requirements and guarantee high-quality and consistent translations and terminology.

Proofreading, correction or updating existing translations

Publishing or submitting documents that contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or terminology errors can have a catastrophic effect because they give an impression of imperfection that can affect the image you wish to project, the image of a professional and efficient business.

Trust an experienced professional to check, correct and improve the impact of your documents in English, Dutch and French.

Revision and correction of your website before it goes live, brochures, technical manuals, printer’s proofs, etc.

N.B.: Correcting translations of poor quality or that have been done by machine translation generally need to be completely rewritten, so they will be invoiced as for a translation service.

Sworn translations

A sworn translation is a certified true translation of the original document, translated and certified by a Court certified translator (also called Court appointed expert or Sworn translator), who affixes his/her official stamp and signature both on the original document and its translation. Court certified translators have the right and obligation to affix their stamp only on translations they carried out themselves.

As a Court certified Expert accredited by the Court of Appeal of Poitiers for translations from and into English, Dutch and French, Anna MARTEAU is authorized to deliver sworn translations of all your administrative, legal, notarial, tax and any other official documents.

These sworn translations are valid and recognized in France, in Europe and, under certain specific conditions, in other foreign countries.

If your documents are intended for a foreign authority or administration, the authentication of the expert’s signature may be required, depending on the country. As the expert has to go to a town hall or a notary’s office to have his/her signature authenticated, additional costs will be charged for this extra service.

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Areas of experience

Legal - 31 years
Computer science - 29 years
Technical - 31 years
Accounting Finance - 16 years
Insurance - 19 years
Shipbuilding - 31 years
Building - 28 years
Gastronomy - 26 years
Oenology - 12 years
Tourism and Recreation - 31 years


Guaranteed and certified quality. Fully professional, thorough and rigorous work, with a continual priority of consistency with the client’s existing terminology and with the terminology of the relevant industry or country…

Knowledge and know-how acquired through 5 years of foreign language studies and by working on a great number of translation projects. A know-how that is still growing with each new project…

More than 30 years of experience. Created in 1992 in the Vendée in France. The company built itself a position on the translation market by providing its services to a wide local, national and foreign clientele…

Four languages available, Dutch, English, German and French, to welcome, help and serve clients.

Three languages, Dutch, English and French, available for your translations and other language services…

All e-mail inquiries and requests submitted during office hours receive a reply within one hour. Requests for quotes are answered the same day or at the latest within 24 hours if the request is sent at the end of the day.

In accordance with the Code of Ethics of translators and interpreters, who are bound by professional secrecy, all the documents and data submitted by clients are always kept strictly confidential, without exception.